Tuesday, July 30, 2013

more Veteran Chaos Renegades

I love the rag tag look of the regular militia troopers but I also want some more hardcore militarized troops as well.  I've already painted one unit of these guys up but I built a total of 50 of them.  3 units with 2 x melta, flamer and shotguns and 2 units with 3 plasma guns.  They are meant to represent the Blood Pact in a way but not directly.

This unit has some Victoria Lamb bits.  I've used her Shotgun arms and some of the Beastmen Trench Raider arms.  I think they turned out pretty nice and give them a different look.

This unit is primarily using the Catachan arms.  Which I dont like but the enforcers are big enough that they dont look too horrible.  SGTs have regular enforcer arms.

Couple of SGTs:

Another SGT, plamsa guns and Tommy guns (used as autoguns/lasguns)

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