Friday, September 19, 2014

60 Great Coat Orks on eBay

I'm trying to clear out some extra orks I have laying around so that I can up my backing for The Green Alliance KS from Maxmini.

I've got 2 units of 30 great coat orks.

Unit 1 - 26 custom great coat shoota boys using Kromlech great coat arms, 3 rokkets, 1 nob

Unit 2 - 26 custom great coat boys without arms, 3 rokkets with arms, 2 micro art studio nob (1 with power klaw and shoota/slugga, 1 no arms)

I also put my great coat warboss up on eba.  This is the bloke that kicked these Blood Axe boys around.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Green Alliance update

The starting goal was smashed in 15 hours.
5 stretch goals have been met.

Here's a couple of stretch goals on the way

Orc Veteran heads:

Orc truck:

What are you waiting for?  Jump on the battle wagon. :)

The Green Alliance - Maxmini Kickstarter

 The Green Alliance – a full blown sci-fi orcs and goblins army geared up with WW2 US Army inspired equipment.

As many of you may know Maxmini has been creating stunning bits and miniatures for years.  I'm a big fan of their work because of the high quality and great service.  

When I first found out about this project I was very excited.  If anyone can pull off something like this its Maxmini.  They do all the design, mold making and casting in house so they have years of experience.  This also means there is no 3rd party to deal with so there are less moving parts which means turn around time will be much better.  I also know for a fact that a fair amount of the figures are already cast, most, if not all, are already designed as well.  They need some help getting the project finished up and out the door.  Its a very expensive undertaking to do a project of this scale.  Not is it expensive in terms of financial commitment but it also ties up all your design and casting resource for the duration of the project.

Take a look at some of these models.

Orc master 3d print

Goblin master 3d print

M3 Halftrack

 T1 Cunningham

Orc SpecOps troopers heads

Those are stunning models.  The prices are reasonable as well; great if you consider the quality you get versus some other companies.  The orc and goblin troopers look amazing and I love the half track and, what I assume, is a mini goblin tank.

Maxmini already has all the stretch goals and freebies laid out so backers will know exactly what they are getting as the project progresses.

So what are you waiting for?  Whether you want to start a new and fantastic looking army or just add some great looking models to your existing army this Kickstarter is worth supporting.  Let's help it be a smashing success!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mek Boy Junka Part 3

I finally decided how to do the exhaust and the rest of the rear of the junka.  The main exhaust is made from a Kromlech kannon.  Smaller exhausts are extra killer kan exhausts.  I added a few fiddly bits here and there as well as the from blade.  Its ready for paint.

I'm not sure how to paint it just yet.  I'm still thinking about it and trying to decide what would look best and be the most enjoyable.

 photo Orks-090914-1_zps96854c4d.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-2_zpsc6006823.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-3_zpsc5cfd10c.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-4_zpsfcbc3645.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-5_zps37fe8f1e.jpg

Couple of Mobs of boys painted

In addition to all the characters I also painted up a unit of ard boys and a third of the punk rock Mohawk mob.

 photo Orks-090914-30_zps308b566a.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-31_zps9a451ef9.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-28_zps5f5d32fb.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-29_zpsff7e890d.jpg

PIP - Snikrot, Mek Stompa, Biker Nob, Big Mek with Burna, Tankhunta Nob, Kommando, Loota

These figures are in various stages of being painted.  Some are almost done, others are just getting started.

 photo Orks-090914-26_zpsfae0573a.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-27_zps84fdf9d8.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-25_zpsd92a622f.jpg

Tankhunta Nob:
 photo Orks-090914-23_zps66e8f5d5.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-24_zps18d803ba.jpg

Big Mek with Burna: Yes I know thats not an option any longer... :(
 photo Orks-090914-22_zpse71653e2.jpg

Kommando Boy:
 photo Orks-090914-21_zpsb943e7db.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-17_zpsda031bfa.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-18_zpsf102548d.jpg

Nob Biker:
 photo Orks-090914-16_zps48cf68f3.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-15_zps7ab38dea.jpg

Painted Kommissorks

I wanted my blood ax boys to be let by commissar like nobs.

 photo Orks-090914-13_zps34d1d8f5.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-14_zps4f486662.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-19_zps7c0b46a9.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-20_zps74d66c1d.jpg

New Plastic Pain Boy Painted

I picked this model up recently and got it painted up pretty quickly, for me anyway.  Its a lovely model and fun to paint.

I'm not a big fan of the head but I can live with it.

 photo Orks-090914-11_zps9acbfb05.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-12_zpsd14e8011.jpg

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

Another model I've had ages but never got around to painting.  He's painted now though, so maybe he will stop killing himself in combat. :)

 photo Orks-090914-9_zpsd6479fd2.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-10_zpsfba39c8d.jpg

Painted Weird Boy

I bought this model when it first came out and its been sitting every since. He finally got the attention he deserves. Its a great model and really fun to paint.

 photo Orks-090914-6_zpse08bceb1.jpg 

 photo Orks-090914-8_zps7766d6b6.jpg

  photo Orks-090914-7_zps19d9018c.jpg

Monday, September 8, 2014

Test models for the great coat Grots

These little guys are so adorable.  I just couldn't wait to paint them up.  They are from Kromlech.

 photo 2006-01-01000125_zpsb2a9dc9c.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000135_zps11e5fbf6.jpg

Time for some Flash Gits

I converted these guys several years ago using Maxmini Big PA (post Apoc) guns.

I figured it was time for some paint on the merry gang of gits.

 photo 2006-01-01000310_zps1ac5e4f4.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000257_zps49f3b466.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000245_zps588411f6.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000233_zpsf7c9fadd.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000214_zpsa5a5e90c.jpg

And of course Badruk

 photo 2006-01-01000150_zpsb7b0d577.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000157_zpsa1361a54.jpg

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I decided rather than paint up a bunch of rank and file orks I would try to knock out a lot of the various characters I've had for ages and never painted.  Badruk was first, next it was Zagstruks turn.

 photo 2006-01-01000050_zps4ae58f3c.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000058_zps942ad403.jpg

I had a lot of fun painting him so I think I will try to paint up the small unit of storm boys I have collecting dust.  At least then they can look good while they collect dust.