Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Adding some chaos Spawn

I've been wanting to get some chaos spawn but I dont like the current models much.  I've decided to use the FW Plague Toads.  They are a good size and look like they would move like beasts and they look nice and disgusting.  I'm pretty happy with the models and how they fit in, especially with the Death guard army.

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0664_zps73e3ae17.jpg

More Chaos Renegade Ratling Snipers

I had a small unit of snipers that I decided to expand into a full squad.  I think these guys look pretty good, especially being that they are just built out of random extra bits I have.

Chaos renegades Ratlings photo DSCF0680_zps658cba66.jpg

Chaos renegades Ratlings photo DSCF0682_zps0eec830e.jpg

Chaos Renegade Gunnery Sergeant Harker

I always liked the idea of Gunnery Sergeant Harker so I thought I would make one for my chaos renegades.  I had this heavy machine gun from Maxmini I wanted to use.  I tried to come up with something more unique but I just couldn't find anything I really liked so in the end I just made him look like the rest of the veterans.  I'm not sure how the rest of his squad will be kitted out.  I'm sort of thinking forward sentries, another heavy bolter and sniper rifles.  But I may just go with grenade launchers instead.  what do you think?

Chaos renegades Harker photo DSCF0668_zpsad64b724.jpg

Chaos renegades Harker photo DSCF0669_zpsb7e409fc.jpg

more Veteran Chaos Renegades

I love the rag tag look of the regular militia troopers but I also want some more hardcore militarized troops as well.  I've already painted one unit of these guys up but I built a total of 50 of them.  3 units with 2 x melta, flamer and shotguns and 2 units with 3 plasma guns.  They are meant to represent the Blood Pact in a way but not directly.

This unit has some Victoria Lamb bits.  I've used her Shotgun arms and some of the Beastmen Trench Raider arms.  I think they turned out pretty nice and give them a different look.

This unit is primarily using the Catachan arms.  Which I dont like but the enforcers are big enough that they dont look too horrible.  SGTs have regular enforcer arms.

Couple of SGTs:

Another SGT, plamsa guns and Tommy guns (used as autoguns/lasguns)

Monday, July 29, 2013

More Chaos Renegades

You just can't keep a good renegade down.  After my joy at seeing how the CRM bodies looked with the Victoria Lamb Penal Legion bits I decided to see how the flagellants would look.  I've got a unit of about 20 of these guys kitted with close combat weapons and pistols.  I'm not really fond of how they look though.  So I thought I would try the penal legion arms on them.  I instantly love it.  I wanted to swap out the heads too.  Give them something more 40k-ish.  Victoria Lamb had some really nice bald heads with rebreathers that I picked up and have a bit of carving it looked pretty good.  So I will probably do a unit of 20 of these guys to be Conscripts.

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0621_zps174b9cb7.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0622_zps1d3c601a.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0623_zpsc96ed594.jpg

Group shot:

 photo DSCF6238_zps7f480577.jpg

New Chaos Renegades

How many renegades are too many renegades?  I'm not sure but I'm not there yet, but may be getting close...

Victori Lamb just release some resin version of her Penal Legion in bits.  They are beautiful!  I had to get some and see how they would look for the CRM bodies.  I think they look great, so much so that I made a full unit of them.  If I had it to do over again I would use the legs and arms for all of them.

 Chaos renegades photo DSCF0673-1_zps8dc8af12.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0674-1_zps3fc8297e.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0675-1_zpsbd803066.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0676-1_zps969d8575.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0677-1_zps79a9b1f8.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0678_zps6e5148bd.jpg