Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Beastmen Command

I've been using gors as mutants for my Lost and the Damned army list and Chaos Cultists with the mark of khorne.  I need a few more models for the unit so decided to make them a command group.

The champion has been heavily modified by a dark magos to lead the mutant herd into battle.  The musician and banner bearer are wearing scavenged space marine armor on their left arms and shoulder pad.  This was mostly done because I didn't have any more left gor arms. :)  but looks okay in the end.

 photo DSCF6943_zpsufacaafo.jpg

 photo DSCF6944_zpsvr0jyeg2.jpg

 photo DSCF6945_zpsc33s2a2z.jpg

 photo DSCF6946_zpsvooamww6.jpg

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bloodletters on Juggernauts

I finished some more bloodletters.  I have a few more to finish up but here they are so far.

 photo DSCF6924_zps4cwshwm9.jpg

 photo DSCF6926_zpsau2l2isu.jpg

 photo DSCF6925_zpsqp6pmomg.jpg

Monday, August 10, 2015

Blood Slaughterers

I picked up 2 more Blood Slaughterer for my khorne daemonkin.  I actually use them as mauler fiends because I can't stand the real models

 photo DSCF6922_zpsjfcnww3q.jpg

 photo DSCF6923_zpsdtboapme.jpg

They will be joining my existing Blood Slaughterer

With my Decimator, Brass Scorpion, and Contemptor my khorne daemon engines are coming along nicely.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Better pics of some Khorne Cultists

I built and painted these a while back but realized I had never taken any decent photos of them to post.  So I thought I would do that since I think they look pretty cool and are build from a few different venders products.

The heads are from Puppetswar, the torsos are from Blight Wheel and the legs and arms are from Mad Robot.

I think I may go back and weather their armor a bit more

 photo 7-27-15-001_zpsrciksubm.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-002_zpsaxvx4cn6.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-010_zps1gjfufo2.jpg
 photo 7-27-15-011_zpsww9f8z3k.jpg
 photo 7-27-15-006_zpsxfobumet.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-005_zpstwbjvo3s.jpg

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nurgle Daemons

The khorne daemonkin list got me thinking about my nurgle army.  So I wrote up a "nurgle daemonkin" list.  It's really just CSM allied with Choase Daemons but it's got the same unit types and composition as the khorne daemonkin list and none of the special rules.  Still, its a fun list to play so I decided to take a break from painting red and get the nurgle daemons painted up.

 photo DSCF6917_zpsx9fhimne.jpg

 photo DSCF6918_zpsuo4w23cd.jpg

Unit 1:
 photo DSCF6915_zpskjtkz42s.jpg

Unit 2:
 photo DSCF6916_zpsm6wvrxzk.jpg 

I plan to add another 5 plague bearers to each unit soon.  I'll probably actually run them as 14 plague bearers to be fluffy. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP of some chaos spawn

I love chaos spawn.  The models allow lots of creativity and painting them is great as well.  So I figured I would dig some various spawn out and start swapping pieces around on ones that were duplicates or that I just didn't care for.

This is the old metal spawn.  I had two of them so I decided to tear one down and add bits from the chaos spawn sprue.
 photo DSCF6920_zps1nqrrkpx.jpg

The one on the left is a Forge World Fantasy chaos spawn that came with a chaos sorcerer.  The model is great but its original arms and quite thin and its fingers snapped off almost instantly.  So rather than have him run around with no fingers I decided to remove his arms and swap some other bits on.

The one on the right is a Kromlech spawn.  I had two of them so I started adding plastic chaos spawn bits to the body.

 photo DSCF6921_zpsecnlaokw.jpg 

The all still need a little green stuff work around their joints which I will get to shortly, hopefully.