Monday, July 29, 2013

More Chaos Renegades

You just can't keep a good renegade down.  After my joy at seeing how the CRM bodies looked with the Victoria Lamb Penal Legion bits I decided to see how the flagellants would look.  I've got a unit of about 20 of these guys kitted with close combat weapons and pistols.  I'm not really fond of how they look though.  So I thought I would try the penal legion arms on them.  I instantly love it.  I wanted to swap out the heads too.  Give them something more 40k-ish.  Victoria Lamb had some really nice bald heads with rebreathers that I picked up and have a bit of carving it looked pretty good.  So I will probably do a unit of 20 of these guys to be Conscripts.

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0621_zps174b9cb7.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0622_zps1d3c601a.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0623_zpsc96ed594.jpg

Group shot:

 photo DSCF6238_zps7f480577.jpg

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