Monday, July 29, 2013

New Chaos Renegades

How many renegades are too many renegades?  I'm not sure but I'm not there yet, but may be getting close...

Victori Lamb just release some resin version of her Penal Legion in bits.  They are beautiful!  I had to get some and see how they would look for the CRM bodies.  I think they look great, so much so that I made a full unit of them.  If I had it to do over again I would use the legs and arms for all of them.

 Chaos renegades photo DSCF0673-1_zps8dc8af12.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0674-1_zps3fc8297e.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0675-1_zpsbd803066.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0676-1_zps969d8575.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0677-1_zps79a9b1f8.jpg

Chaos renegades photo DSCF0678_zps6e5148bd.jpg


  1. Those look great - awesome combo of bits, I really dig that build!

  2. The arms work very well. Might be tempted with picking some up myself.