Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chaos Renegade Gunnery Sergeant Harker

I always liked the idea of Gunnery Sergeant Harker so I thought I would make one for my chaos renegades.  I had this heavy machine gun from Maxmini I wanted to use.  I tried to come up with something more unique but I just couldn't find anything I really liked so in the end I just made him look like the rest of the veterans.  I'm not sure how the rest of his squad will be kitted out.  I'm sort of thinking forward sentries, another heavy bolter and sniper rifles.  But I may just go with grenade launchers instead.  what do you think?

Chaos renegades Harker photo DSCF0668_zpsad64b724.jpg

Chaos renegades Harker photo DSCF0669_zpsb7e409fc.jpg


  1. I like him!

    Not sure how the rest of your army is built, but personally I would turn his unit into an outflanking or in your face infiltrating unit. Take advantage of his special abilities - stealth (which makes camo cloaks from forward sentries kind of pointless, at least while he's alive), infiltrate and relentless. So, IMO he's meant to move somewhere in cover and keep moving. I'd go with something close up like flamers or meltaguns, and go with demolitions - move in on flank, shoot something maybe or just hide, then next turn meltabomb stuff and sneak around for linebreaker.

  2. Nice! I really dig how that looks. Good stuff, man!