Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Plague zombies

I've got plague zombies in my Lost and the Damned list as well so I started on them as well.  these are a mix of Puppetswar zombies and some from a Russian place I found on ebay.  They mix really well.  I regreat painting them red because that made it hard to paint blood and guts but I was too far along to start over.  These are the first 15.  I have 15 more and I am debating getting another 10.

 photo DSCF6849_zps2ecnhn2u.jpg

 photo DSCF6850_zpsckorddo4.jpg

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Lost and the Damned

I've been working on some mutants/cultists to add to my lost and the damned list.  Some of them will also serve in the khorne daemonkin army.

Kultists of Khorne - I've got quite a few more of these guys to make/paint.  I need at least 16.  Planning to give a couple of them flamers as well.  These guys are made a mix of parts from blight wheel, puppetswar, kromlech, GW flagellents and catachans.

 photo DSCF6835_zpsmffvvb0m.jpg

 photo DSCF6836_zpsnfr35igf.jpg

Some other mutants:  These mutants are made using victoria lamb, maxmini and GW bits.

 photo DSCF6848_zpsi2pys5yy.jpg

 photo DSCF6845_zpswkgiopto.jpg 

 photo DSCF6846_zpsz8nzn8m2.jpg

 photo DSCF6847_zps0utkujqi.jpg

And a few more silly mutants:  These are made using kromlech, max mini and GW bits.

 photo DSCF6844_zpsrxrjpsf4.jpg

Friday, May 15, 2015

Kromlech Herald of Nurgle

Since I was painting a bunch of nurgle stuff I figured I would slip this fellow in the queue.  He's a lovely figure with lots of character and open wounds.  My wife really hates all the nurgle stuff I paint and my sons ask me why I always paint the ugly guys. :)  I guess they are just more fun...

 photo DSCF6840_zpsy8luctlq.jpg

 photo DSCF6843_zpstnpebjxx.jpg

 photo DSCF6841_zpsj9rx3esy.jpg

Darn mold line!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nurgle Test Models

I recently picked up some Spell Crow models to use as plague marines.  I already have 21 but I want a full host of 7 units of 7 plague guard.  I liked the look of them and saved me from doing a lot of conversion work.

The models are very nice, lots of detail, lots of different options and bits.  I highly recommend them.

 photo DSCF6837_zpsigcuqi8c.jpg

 photo DSCF6838_zpsogwl4lst.jpg

 photo DSCF6839_zps5dbqz1sh.jpg

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Plagues for the Plague God

These are some other models I started years ago and then set aside.  Well, I decided to finish them up in anticipation of a nurgle daemonkin book; fingers crossed...

 photo DSCF6826_zpst7dl00rz.jpg

 photo DSCF6827_zps1yvmy4iu.jpg

 photo DSCF6828_zpsvyunu509.jpg

 photo DSCF6829_zpsvlb7txg7.jpg

 photo DSCF6830_zpsn8uu5xra.jpg

 photo DSCF6831_zpsupviudhc.jpg

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

More Zombicide Survivors

I finished up a few more survivors recently.  I still need to replace my season one survivors and paint them.  I'm just waiting for the new box set with them to release.

 photo DSCF6832_zpsmjakez1i.jpg

 photo DSCF6833_zps5gbgjqcz.jpg

 photo DSCF6834_zps8fiond8f.jpg

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Disco Decimator

I started painting this model quite a while back and finally got back around to finishing it up.  I use him as a forge fiend in my daemonkin army because I don't care for the dino bot looking GW forge fiend model.  I was going to magnatize his arms but I got lazy and just glued them.

 photo DSCF6819_zpsq36mndeu.jpg

 photo DSCF6821_zpsfwkomgvv.jpg

 photo DSCF6820_zpswi6w2vbf.jpg

Friday, May 8, 2015

Possessed Contemptor

Another great FW model that was a joy to paint.  I only wish I had more time to spending painting these days.  Oh well, just have to make the most of it.

 photo DSCF6822_zpsi9lmy75k.jpg

 photo DSCF6824_zpsorf81ip0.jpg

 photo DSCF6825_zpsq9nbnpxh.jpg

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts on Juggernaught paint scheme

I wanted to get my blood crushers painted up and was shooting for a different scheme that normal.  What do you think of the black with red highlights?  I'm not sure i like it or not.

Neither done but you get the gist of the colors for each.

 photo DSCF6868_zps5jeywfa4.jpg

 photo DSCF6869_zpsxntgsl2s.jpg

Test Bloodletter:

 photo DSCF6870_zpswifcz55s.jpg 

So yay or nay on the black juggernaught?

FW Gal Vorbak Possesed Marines

These are some of the nicest minis FW has released in my opinion.  They harken back to first edition Chaos Marines where each figure was as unique as the last.  These were a lot of fun to paint and  I use them every chance I get.

The Champion:
 photo DSCF6863_zpsc1w7wwf9.jpg

 photo DSCF6866_zpszxoqjn4g.jpg

 photo DSCF6864_zpsqlgnl5la.jpg

 photo DSCF6865_zpsvllksy0q.jpg 

The rest of the crew:

 photo DSCF6860_zpsyy2xhrpc.jpg

 photo DSCF6857_zpsy2mjgnuv.jpg

 photo DSCF6854_zpszu2ejs7q.jpg

 photo DSCF6851_zpswv2z2ce8.jpg 

A family photo:

 photo DSCF6867_zpsyx8x9vgv.jpg