Friday, April 4, 2014

Other Kromlech Items

In addition to the previous two post's items I also got a few other misc items from Kromlech.

Some of the new Gnaws.  These are like huge squigs.  I'm thinking I may try to convert some ork legs to mount on these.  I always though orks riding great squigs would be a great model.  Now I just need to get some WFB orc boar boy legs...

I also got some of the orc defensive walls.  I can't wait to use these to hide my lootas behind and open fire!

Lastly I picked up one of the newer great coat nobs.  This guy looks great.  He comes with a heavy machine gunner that I have assembled yet.  This guy will make a great leader for a great coat mob or maybe even a warboss.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kromlech Armoured Orc Squad

I picked up some armoured orcs with the clanking behemoth and quickly got them assembled.

I really like the details.  I plan to order more arms for another project underway.  I wish I could buy the legs separately but since the legs and torsos are one piece its not possible.  Maybe they will release some armoured legs later.

You can get them equipped for hand to hand or shooting.  I got both just to see how they compared.

You can get the arms separately which is great.  I plan to do another ard boy unit down the line.

The one thing I don't especially care for are the faces.   They aren't bad just not the style I prefer. 

 Here they are assembled and ready for a scarp.

They come with a Nob too.  I really like this guy.  He looks mean and tough.  His power fist is great as well.  Nice to see something different than the usual power claw.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kromlech Clanking Behemoth

I picked up the Clanking Behemoth from Krolech recently and this is an awesome model!  This kit is pretty large and has great detail.  It went together flawlessly and just looks smashing.  I tried to give him more of an action pose than a static pose.  I wanted to convey the idea that he's charging across the battlefield.  I also was able to get a second power klaw instead of the rokket arm to make him more of a hand to hand Deffdread.


I came in a fair number of pieces.  It also came with a nice scenic base.

 Here's a scale pic.  You can see he's quite a bit bigger than a killer kan.  I don't have a mega dread any longer and I can't find my deff dread so I'm not sure how he compares to those two.  He's plenty big enough to be a dread, possibly big enough for a mega Dread but maybe not.

Anyway, I love the model and couldn't be happier with it.  I have not yet decided how to equip the torso mounted guns but I will probably go with big shootas to keep him cheap or possible skorchas.

I can't wait to get some paint on this big guy.