Friday, July 17, 2009

Finally an update...

Got several updates here.

I got one of the plague marines champions completed, minus the backpack anyway:

I started working on some veterans for my CRM army. With the new IG book I needed to modify my list and minies to be legal. I had to modify some sgts as well.

Sgt with shotgun and power fist

Vets with heavy flamer:

Vets with Meltagun:

Vets with shotguns:

Primaris Psyker:

Sgts that lost their autoguns and shot guns and got pistols and close combat weapons instead:

Just some guy I built out of some misc bits laying around:

I wanted to try painting a Necron for some reason. The guns needs to be weathered still:

I started on some tanks as well. Traditionally I have hated painting tanks so I have been working at them in an effort to make them look decent and learn some good ways to get them painted. I was trying to make them look very weathered and beat up since they are part of the renegade force.

Rapier Laser Destroyer Tank:

Leman Russ Conqueror Battle Tank:

Lastly but not least is the Chaos Warhound Titan. I've got is assembled as much as possible prior to painting. I've pinned all the leg joints as well.