Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mutants for the Lost and the Damn FW army list

The army list from the Lost and the Damned FW book has lots and lots of options.  Some good, some not so good.  Being the devotee of chaos that I am I had to make some of the new units.  I've wanted to make mutants for a long time and previously used beastmen and ungors.  I wanted to try something different this time around.  Its hard to make good mutants without spending a lot of effort and time.  Neither of which I am able to dedicate to my hobby any longer.  So I re-purposed my Victoria Lamb Penal Guard unit to become mutants.  I didn't really have a good idea so I just took flagellent arms and chopped off their hands.  Then I glued blades, flails, hooks, etc in place of the hands.  Sort of like really crummy archo-flagellents.  I threw in a few tentacles and other oddities as well.  I've got some different heads on the way that should help a bit as well.  My plan is to have 2 units of 30.  I've tried to mix in various different bits to make the unit look as though its been formed out of the remnants.

I've used bits from Victoria Lamb, Blight Wheel, Maxmini, Kromlech, GW catachans, and GW flagellents.  The other heads I have coming are from Puppetswar and Ristul.

Here they are so far:

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  1. very cool, the weapon/tentacle hands are effecective and creepy. Those Victoria Lamb models are pretty cool looking