Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More renegades. Why you may ask? why not...

Yes, I created another couple of renegade units.  I had the bits and was bored so I threw them together.  Do I need them? No.  Will I use them? possible.  Where they fun to build and will be fun to paint? YES!  One of these days I will need 100+ renegades on the board and when that day comes I will be ready.

New Unit Number 1:

New Unit Number 2:

Some extra flamer throwers:

New Unit Number 3:


  1. Everyone needs more renegades! Some nifty looking bits you have in there, where do the auto guns in squad one come from?

    1. Those are from Anvil Industries.

    2. thanks! they have some wicked cool bits - now bookmarked for further ideas