Friday, March 20, 2015

Plague Zombies

Who doesn't love plague zombies?  It baffles my mind that neither GW or FW have made kits for plague zombies.  I thought for sure FW would at least make a conversion kit when the 3rd Vraks book was released.  Sadly it was not so.  The fantasy zombies or terrible and few other companies make decent sci-fi zombies.

Warzone has the undead legionaries which look great but don't really fit in theme wise.

Mantic has a box of 20 plague zombies for $25.  I actually bought 2 of these and was not very happy with them to say the least.  Don't get me wrong, they are a good buy price wise but the detail was not there and they were just not to my liking.

Puppetswar make the best ones I have found to date but they are not cheap.  However, I was forced to buy some as the detail is amazing, quality is great and they fit in very nicely.  I bought 15 initially to make sure I liked them and then ordered 15 more.  I wish they would sell the arms separate for conversion purposes as they look really good.

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  1. Nice, I was on the zombie kick and going to do the Servants of Decay army, but life got in the way. Someday...