Thursday, August 15, 2013

Necron Tesseract Ark completed

Finally got this model finished up after a brief distraction called Shadowrun Returns.  Now Space Hulk is out.  I'm trying to resist it so I can keep plugging away at the necrons.

I still need to make a stand for it, just not sure how I'm going to do it yet.

 photo DSCF0726.jpg

Necron Tesseract Ark photo DSCF0727.jpg

Necron Tesseract Ark photo DSCF0728.jpg


  1. Very nice, love the bone/black and green scheme. Works really well on it.

    1. Thanks, it took me quite a while to come up with a scheme that I liked and still looked like necrons. Its pretty easy too which is a big plus given my limited times these days.

      Shooting for a night shroud bomber for my next purchase...

  2. Hi, The bone texture is awesome fairplay, overall I like the contrast between the grey and the bone.
    Just an idea on the green you can use some gloss varnish to make the power source look like it is glowing. I have one of these to do so its nice to see one already done. How was the build and did you paint it in sections before putting it together?


    1. Thanks Doc, if you look at the main gun on the front I used a gloss coat there. I was sure about the look so I didn't use it on the back power source, but I may go back and add it.

      Yes I painted it in sections and then completed the assembly. I assembled the drive and his seat but did not glue the seat to the hull. I assembled the cockpit, the bone parts that fit around the driver, but did not glue them. I assembled the twin linked gun but did not glue it to the shield. So I had sever individual pieces to assemble. I left the shield as one piece and the hull as one piece. I made the mistake of assembling the triarch stalkers before painting and it was a pain so I knew I did't want to deal with that again. It was much easier painting it in sections and looks better so I would highly recommend it. I'm working on a tomb stalker now which I completely assembled and its a pain to paint. I wish I had painted the body and legs separately.

      If you look back a couple of posts you can see the major sections I painted prior to assembly.

      It goes together fairly well. I had to use a blow dryer to get the cockpit pieces to fit the hull properly. The hardest part is getting the shield and the main gun aligned while attaching it to the hull but just do it several times before you add glue to make sure you have it right and it should be fine.

      Good luck and let me know once you have it done, I'd love to see another take on it.

  3. i would really like to do a paint job that looks like this one, i only have a small necron army at the moment, but after finding this blog i want more and to make them look like this amazing paint job. please can you give us some steps on how you managed to make a great looking job of the bone and all the other great painting you have done with these models.