Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I've been painting Necrons!

I need a change of pace and had decided to build up a small Necron army.  Just something different to paint and use.  Nothing fancy just a quick paint job and a small army.  Well, the army has of course grown out of control and I now have a little over 3000 points with plans to add the new Tesseract Vault and make it a fully fledged apoc army.  Oh well, I am enjoying the painting and love the models.

So far the army consists of:
2 overlords
3 lords
2 crypteks
1 destroyer lord
40 immortals
2 triarch staklers
5 lychguard
10 tomb blades
10 scarabs
3 annihilation barges
1 doom scythe
3 acanthrites (FW)
1 tomb stalker (FW)
1 tesseract ark (FW)

Plan to add:
1 tesseract vault
1 night shroud bomber (FW)
1-2 sentry pylons (FW) depending on cost

I'm probably about half way done with the painting.  I dont plan to paint anything else until the necrons are full painted, so hopefully I stop adding stuff soon...


Necron Immortals photo DSCF0644.jpg

Necron Immortals photo DSCF0645.jpg

Necron Immortals photo DSCF0652.jpg

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