Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Necron Acanthrites

I really like these models.  Mine are slightly miscast which I didn't notice until I was already half way done painting them.  So I just carried on.  I dont really think they are that good on the table but I love the way they. I like running them with my destroyer lord so that he doesn't get scared and run away like usual.

Necron Acanthrites photo DSCF0735.jpg

Necron Acanthrites photo DSCF0736.jpg


  1. Hi!
    Great painted necrons. Really like the dark and light differences.
    Can you possibly describe how you painted them?

    1. Sure, I prime them black, then I spray then with a bleached bone type color out of a spray can. Then I was all the bone colors with a dark brown wash. Once that's dry I sponge on increasingly light layers of bone up to a very very light sponge of white.

      For the black I just dry brush some black/grey over the black and then highlight it with a lighter grey.

      For the green I paint it rotting flesh, I light green color. Then I wash it with black/green vellajo wash.

      Mettalic areas are just painted boltgun/ledbelcher metal and washed with black.

      It actually goes fairly quickly once you get the hang of it. I usually do a large batch of the bone together at a time and then work on the rest of them in smaller units or individual vehicles.

      Hope that helps.