Thursday, August 6, 2015

Nurgle Daemons

The khorne daemonkin list got me thinking about my nurgle army.  So I wrote up a "nurgle daemonkin" list.  It's really just CSM allied with Choase Daemons but it's got the same unit types and composition as the khorne daemonkin list and none of the special rules.  Still, its a fun list to play so I decided to take a break from painting red and get the nurgle daemons painted up.

 photo DSCF6917_zpsx9fhimne.jpg

 photo DSCF6918_zpsuo4w23cd.jpg

Unit 1:
 photo DSCF6915_zpskjtkz42s.jpg

Unit 2:
 photo DSCF6916_zpsm6wvrxzk.jpg 

I plan to add another 5 plague bearers to each unit soon.  I'll probably actually run them as 14 plague bearers to be fluffy. :)

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