Friday, August 7, 2015

Better pics of some Khorne Cultists

I built and painted these a while back but realized I had never taken any decent photos of them to post.  So I thought I would do that since I think they look pretty cool and are build from a few different venders products.

The heads are from Puppetswar, the torsos are from Blight Wheel and the legs and arms are from Mad Robot.

I think I may go back and weather their armor a bit more

 photo 7-27-15-001_zpsrciksubm.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-002_zpsaxvx4cn6.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-010_zps1gjfufo2.jpg
 photo 7-27-15-011_zpsww9f8z3k.jpg
 photo 7-27-15-006_zpsxfobumet.jpg

 photo 7-27-15-005_zpstwbjvo3s.jpg

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