Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WIP of some chaos spawn

I love chaos spawn.  The models allow lots of creativity and painting them is great as well.  So I figured I would dig some various spawn out and start swapping pieces around on ones that were duplicates or that I just didn't care for.

This is the old metal spawn.  I had two of them so I decided to tear one down and add bits from the chaos spawn sprue.
 photo DSCF6920_zps1nqrrkpx.jpg

The one on the left is a Forge World Fantasy chaos spawn that came with a chaos sorcerer.  The model is great but its original arms and quite thin and its fingers snapped off almost instantly.  So rather than have him run around with no fingers I decided to remove his arms and swap some other bits on.

The one on the right is a Kromlech spawn.  I had two of them so I started adding plastic chaos spawn bits to the body.

 photo DSCF6921_zpsecnlaokw.jpg 

The all still need a little green stuff work around their joints which I will get to shortly, hopefully.

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