Thursday, July 10, 2014

Test models for the new orks - PIP

After painting ork vehicles for a while I felt the boyz were feeling neglected so I thought I would paint some of them up.  I couldn't decide what to paint so I just took 3 different units to try out the paint schemes I had in mind.

First one is an ork boy.  I call them the mad boys even though mad boys dont exist in the rules anymore.  If they did, however, these guys would be a great fit.  These guys are built from kromlech legs and torsos, GW arms and Spellcrow heads.  These are Goffs so I stuck with the standard black and red for them.  Not sure what color to do the mohawks though.  Any ideas?

The second modeis an ork in 'eavy armour.  This is a Kromlech figure from top to bottom.  It always annoyed me that the GW ard boys didn't have any armour on their legs or arms.  You can buy just the arms to put on GW figures too but I figured I would get the whole models for something different.  I'm not sure what color to do the armour plates but I am thinking blue since I plan to have them riding in the blue trukks.  Deffskulls would fit in nicely with the rest of the Waaagh!.

Third model is one of my other tank bustas.  These guys a obviously Blood Axes.  I've got a couple of units of shoota boys and some kommandos as well for the blood axes.  Any ideas on what his face should be painted.  I could leave it tan but it seems like an ork would paint the face mask to look scary.  I was thinking of painting a skull on the mask like the DKOK guys.

  photo DSCF1372_zps4954d9e6.jpg

 photo DSCF1373_zps49b6d2bf.jpg

I decided against the entire army belonging to a single clan for two reasons.  One, orks Waaaghs! are always made up of a mic of clans that come together under a powerful warboss. Two, its much more fun to paint varying schemes when doing orks since there are so many models that need to be painted.

So in the end I sat down with 10 tank busta, 10 mad boys and 5 ard boys to paint at once.  While one batch is drying I'm painting the next batch.

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