Monday, September 8, 2014

Time for some Flash Gits

I converted these guys several years ago using Maxmini Big PA (post Apoc) guns.

I figured it was time for some paint on the merry gang of gits.

 photo 2006-01-01000310_zps1ac5e4f4.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000257_zps49f3b466.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000245_zps588411f6.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000233_zpsf7c9fadd.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000214_zpsa5a5e90c.jpg

And of course Badruk

 photo 2006-01-01000150_zpsb7b0d577.jpg

 photo 2006-01-01000157_zpsa1361a54.jpg

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