Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PIP - Snikrot, Mek Stompa, Biker Nob, Big Mek with Burna, Tankhunta Nob, Kommando, Loota

These figures are in various stages of being painted.  Some are almost done, others are just getting started.

 photo Orks-090914-26_zpsfae0573a.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-27_zps84fdf9d8.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-25_zpsd92a622f.jpg

Tankhunta Nob:
 photo Orks-090914-23_zps66e8f5d5.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-24_zps18d803ba.jpg

Big Mek with Burna: Yes I know thats not an option any longer... :(
 photo Orks-090914-22_zpse71653e2.jpg

Kommando Boy:
 photo Orks-090914-21_zpsb943e7db.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-17_zpsda031bfa.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-18_zpsf102548d.jpg

Nob Biker:
 photo Orks-090914-16_zps48cf68f3.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-15_zps7ab38dea.jpg

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