Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Mek Boy Junka Part 3

I finally decided how to do the exhaust and the rest of the rear of the junka.  The main exhaust is made from a Kromlech kannon.  Smaller exhausts are extra killer kan exhausts.  I added a few fiddly bits here and there as well as the from blade.  Its ready for paint.

I'm not sure how to paint it just yet.  I'm still thinking about it and trying to decide what would look best and be the most enjoyable.

 photo Orks-090914-1_zps96854c4d.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-2_zpsc6006823.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-3_zpsc5cfd10c.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-4_zpsfcbc3645.jpg

 photo Orks-090914-5_zps37fe8f1e.jpg


  1. You've certainly been knocking out the greenskins lately.

    Looking very good. The gubbinz, grot sponson and exhausts are great.

  2. Yeah, I got 9 or 10 tankhuntas wrapped up last night as well as a couple more characters. Not sure what to start on next. I may try to knock out the rest of the Mohawk mob.

    Thanks for the comments on the Junka. I used several of your models as inspiration for it.