Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Did a bit of airbrushing...

I have not touched a paint brush since the first of the year sadly.  However, this past weekend I was able to break out the airbrush and get a little work done a few new models.

First off the Decimator.  I love the model, the legs are a bit of a pain to get positioned right but worth the hassle.

Next up was the Hell Talon/Blade.  I can never remember which is which....

Then finally is the ork fighta.   I know blue is not the traditional color of the ork fightas but I wanted something different and I was tired of painting red.  Plus all my ork vehicles are blue so it fits.

After doing several layers and getting the colors the way I wanted them I went back and sealed them with a satin coat.  This will keep other inks, washes and glazes from distorting the final air brush color.  The air brush paint can be porous which can sometimes adsorb the washes and distort the end result.

I actually did a few other items as well but didn't get them completed.  So still on the air brush work bench are 2 triarch stalkers, 3 acenthrites, 1 squiggoth, 9 penal legion, and 1 test marine, iron hands.

1 comment:

  1. That would be a Hell Blade, the Talon is the larger bomber aircraft.

    Looking good, nice to see you working on them all. While I do like the Decimator I am more inclined to convert Contemptors for Chaos.