Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Expanded Mutants

So I really wasn't liking the direction of the mantic ghouls for the mutants.  They were just too plain looking and the variety of poses was very limited.  I raided my brothers bits box and 'borrowed' all him skitari bits and start hacking.  This is what I wound up with.  A more techno/mutant theme which I really like.  I'm treating them as archaic dilapidated combat servitors. 


For the mutant champion I decided to convert a chaotic tech priest of sorts.  Using bits from my brother and the chaos cultist champion I hacked this fellow together.  He needs some clean up work and some green stuff work but for the most part he's done.

I enjoyed making these mutants so much I decided to scrap the mantic ghouls and ordered 2 more boxes of GW ghouls.  I plan to add an enforcer to the unit and I am thinking of using a scylax or something similar to represent him.

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  1. Those are looking fantastic! Great builds, man!