Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back to Work - Fun with Mutants

It's been a BUSY last 6 months.  We decided to move which meant doing a lot of work on our house to get it ready to sell.  Looking at a lot of houses to find one to buy.  We ended up closing on the 18th of Dec and had to be out of our house by the 20th.  Endless to say it was a mad rush to get everything done.  Plus we had the holidays, bdays, anniversary, packing, unpacking, sort through countless boxes to find things, doing a lot of work on the new house etc etc etc.  I built a few models but nothing note worthy, just kits purchased and assembled.  Some nice kits mind you but no conversions, painting or scratch building vehicles.  I assembled a bunch of word bearers, squad of ashen circle, squad of world eater rampagers, skull cannon, some primarchs, iron hand bikers and some other things.  However, last night I started doing a little converting.  I cleaned my garage Saturday and found some of my missing hobby boxes.  I've been wanting to make some 40k mutants for the renegades and heretics but have just not had the time to do it but last night I gathers some bits and worked on a few just to get an idea oh how they would go together.  All in all I like them.  I think they have a decent scifi/40k feel to them but also look like mutant freaks.  I need 40 or 60 mutants; I can't remember which. At least I am off to a start!

These first two started out as Mantic ghouls.  I added a Victoria Lamb head and a Secret Weapon backpack.  One of them also has a Catachan laspistol.  Simple conversion but still looks pretty decent.  I didn't get a picture of their backs but they have Cadian pouches and canteens and the one on the left has an antique flintlock pistol in case his laspistol runs out of juice.

This next one, I like more, started out as a GW ghoul.  I replace the head with a head from Secrect Weapon then drilled some holes in his back to add the chem-injectors; or whatever they are.  I may put a sphere on the top of them; depends how it looks.  I also chopped off his hand and gave him a claw hand from the Mantic ghoul set.  He's got a tasy treat tied to his belt in case he get hungry in the heat of battle as well.

They still need a bit of clean up, such as mold lines and what not but all in all I like the way they came out.  I think a big mixed unit of these will look sufficiently different from the renegade guard and conscripts that you will recognize they are something else.

What do you think, do the bits mesh well and provide a suitable look and feel to represent mutants of Nurgle?

Thanks for looking!

Now that my move is done I hope the make more frequent updates.  My hobby desk is getting put back in order so I should be good to go!

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