Thursday, June 5, 2014

Iron Hands army

I've been building up my 30k Iron Hands army for the past several months and I now have just about everything built and purchased.  I may pick up some pf the Gorgon Terminators when they come out but I don't plan to get much more for the army.  Maybe one more unit to ride in a drop pod.  Ah, who am I kidding.  There's no telling what else I may get for this army...

The army was built using the 30k Forge World marines but its written up as a Clan Raakan list so that I can use it in regular 40k games.

Couldn't resist Ferrus Manus.  Should be fun in Apoc games.

 Forge Masters and Tech Marines.

Some various characters to lead units

 Some more characters to lead units

 This is a shot of the regular marines.  I've got a few others I am waiting for some weapons before I build them.  They are all MKIII marines.

 Couple of their razor backs

 Other two razor backs.

Optional twin linked Lascannon for one of the razorbacks

These are the sternguard.  These are the Iron Hands specific MKIII marines.

Heavy weapons.  4 Lascannons make up a full devastator squad.  Missile Launcher joins one of the tactical squads.

Mechanicum Tech Tralls with Tech Preist.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with these guys.  I had been building a Mechanicum force to fight along side my Iron Hands but I have decided to sell or trade them away.  Two reasons primarily, 1. I can't use them in 40k games because they are severally undercosted 2. I dont really have the funds to continue building the army at this time.  I may use them as allied scions if I keep them.

 It wouldn't be an Iron Hands army without a thunderfire cannon...

 Old Predator conversion from about 10 years ago but it fits the army so I am using it as well.  I'm going to magnetize the sponsoons which is why they are removed at the moment.

 Couple of dreadnoughts and the contemptor.  I'm not really sure how to equip the dreads at this time.  I may go double autocannons, assault/autocannon, or maybe a plasma cannon.  Anyone got an suggestions?

 In a trade I made years ago I got 4 drop pods.  I gave two of them to my sons to play with.  They like to use them with their Halo guys to deep strike behind enemy lines. :)  So I stuck some etched brass on these two and they joined the Iron Hands.  I dont have any units for them.  I was thinking about putting the dreads in them perhaps or adding another unit to be mounted in one.

So that's the army.  I'm not really much of a marine player but I have always had a soft spot for the cold uncompromising Iron Hands.  I actually sold my previous Iron Hands army to make this Iron Hands army, something my brother and wife loved to mock me about. :)

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