Monday, October 22, 2012

Adeptus Arbite and Penal Legion

Using bits from various sources I built a test model for an Adeptus Arbite and some penal legionaries.
The power maul and riot shields are actually two items I designed for MaxMini so I wanted to see how they looked.  I used Maxmini legs, torso and head.  The arms are from FW enforcers and militias with a hand added on to hold the shield.

The penal legion is just Victoria Lambs penal legion torsos and legs, her arms and the heads are from Maxmini.  Victoria Lamb makes some penal legion heads which look good but I wanted to try out the new heads from Maxmini,

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  1. Those are looking good! I've been eyeing the VL penal squad bits, they definitely look nice.