Monday, February 20, 2012

Astronomi-con report.

Played in Astronomi-con this past weekend in Dallas. Had a great time. Great armies, great terrain and terrific missions. My little grots did very well for themselves racking up 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Much better than I would have guessed. But what’s even better is I won best army! That's very cool as I put a lot of work into this army.

Game one was against Kenny and his bugs. The game was very fun and my warboss and cyborks were able to hold off a hoard of genesteelers, a hive tyrant and some gaunts; I'm not sure how they did it other than pure luck. The grot fighta was blasted out of the sky taking 18 wounds from the 3 shooty carnifex. win

Game two was against Will and his Salamanders. This was a pretty close game for both of us up until the end. Highlight was my grot tanks blasting a tactical squad and getting 37 wounds! Somehow against the odds the sarg, flamer and missile launcher survived unscathed! win

Game three was against Mr. Busy (can’t remember first name, sorry). He was using a nice dark eldar army and a great game. The game was on a city fight board with lots of terrain and difficult terrain. Despite having to make loads of dangerous terrain checks he suffered very little for it. The orks and grots were jammed up on the small roads. The grot mega tank was destroyed blocking the majority of one road but the little grot tanks managed to squeeze by and blast into the Duke and his squad routing them from the table. Win

Game four was against David Caldwell and his grey knights on the x-faxtor table. This table made everything difficult and reduced range to 12" anything over 12" needed 6 to hit. In addition there was a Vindicar assassin in a tall central tower. At the beginning of each game turn we rolled off and the winner got to control him that turn. I was able to take out a psycannon and thunder hammer with his help. The lack of range really hurt the grey knights and didn't affect me quit as much since I needed 4s and 5s to hit anyway. It was a close game with my warboss being insta-killed and my nobs squad being whittled down from mass fire. Game ended in a draw.

Game 5 was against Brian Ellis and his Slaanesh Chaos Marine army. This table was really tough; the entire center of the board was dangerous terrain. Only safe spots were 6" on the edge. With my unit of walkers and tanks I was fearful of driving in there because being immobilized would get them killed. Despite repeated shots and the two deflers I was unable to do anything other than immobilize one which I'm sure Brian would done anyway since his entire army was immobilized by the end of the game. :) They pie plates kept falling, the BW was destroyed and the warboss and nobs pinned and then shot to pieces. The warboss died to dangerous terrain trying to charge one of the two daemon princes. Very tough game and I got my butt kicked well. loss

Game six was against Ernest and his khorne army. The mission was fun, we had to clear buildings by enter a troops choice on foot into the building. Once it’s cleared it’s yours unless an enemy enters it, then its there’s. The berzerkers took a beating due to me popping the rhinos early and them having to walk across the board under heavy fire. Massed fire at the termies whittled them down and my dread finished off one unit and the lords unit was eventually shot to pieces. Very fun game but also very brutal, much like game five only in reverse.

Over all it was a great event and a blast was had by all.

So here is an army pic minus the grot fighta because I forgot it.

astronomi-con 2012 army

Best of all I was awarded the Best Army for my orks/grots. It very cool to get such an awesome trophy, I'm very excited about it! I can't wait for next year.

astronomi-con 2012 Best Army

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