Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NEWS: Free Shipping from Victoria Miniatures

Victoria Miniatures is offering free shipping worldwide through Jan 1st 2013.

If you haven't check out their stuff you really should.  They have some great conversion bits and full modular figures.

Did a bit of airbrushing...

I have not touched a paint brush since the first of the year sadly.  However, this past weekend I was able to break out the airbrush and get a little work done a few new models.

First off the Decimator.  I love the model, the legs are a bit of a pain to get positioned right but worth the hassle.

Next up was the Hell Talon/Blade.  I can never remember which is which....

Then finally is the ork fighta.   I know blue is not the traditional color of the ork fightas but I wanted something different and I was tired of painting red.  Plus all my ork vehicles are blue so it fits.

After doing several layers and getting the colors the way I wanted them I went back and sealed them with a satin coat.  This will keep other inks, washes and glazes from distorting the final air brush color.  The air brush paint can be porous which can sometimes adsorb the washes and distort the end result.

I actually did a few other items as well but didn't get them completed.  So still on the air brush work bench are 2 triarch stalkers, 3 acenthrites, 1 squiggoth, 9 penal legion, and 1 test marine, iron hands.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Small unit of Chaos Marines

I ordered these heads/shoulder pads from Puppetwars because I thought they look cool.  I really like them, very evil and twisted looking.  These would be great for Iron Warriors, Fabius Bile's augmented CSM or just about any other units but I think those two are great.  I may order another set and flush out the unit.

The melta gun is from Maxmini, I just like the alternate look of the gun.

I want my tzeench termies to have combi plasma guns.  But such a thing doesn't exist.  So using the combi flamer and the plasma bit off the obliterator sprues I made this.  I'm sure if I like it or not.  Looks sort of like a hack job, which it is, but I dont have a ton of time any more.  So I'm wondering if you think it looks good enough to get by with.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Adeptus Arbite and Penal Legion

Using bits from various sources I built a test model for an Adeptus Arbite and some penal legionaries.
The power maul and riot shields are actually two items I designed for MaxMini so I wanted to see how they looked.  I used Maxmini legs, torso and head.  The arms are from FW enforcers and militias with a hand added on to hold the shield.

The penal legion is just Victoria Lambs penal legion torsos and legs, her arms and the heads are from Maxmini.  Victoria Lamb makes some penal legion heads which look good but I wanted to try out the new heads from Maxmini,

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Raptors

Before the new CSM Raptors came out I had built my own.  I really didn't care for the older ones and I just wanted CSM with jump packs.  I wanted them to be followers of khorne.  I finally finished putting them together.  The jump packs are from maxmini (yes I love their bits).  Oh yeah, I also used their Nuclear Guns for my melta guns.

I think they turned out pretty good.  The new rules for them with the mark of Khorne and the Icon make them pretty fast and hard hitting.

Yar! Here be pirate grots!

I picked up a packed of pirate goblin heads from maxmini recently.  I wasn't sure if they were for the WFB goblins or the newer 40k grots.  Turns out they fit the grots and look pretty nice.  The box set comes with 10 grots, 7 of which can be head swapped.  The other three grots actually fit in good with the pirates though.  I'm quite happy with these little buggers.  Now to get those pirate orks in shape...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Punk Rock Orks

I've been rebuilding my ork army after trading it off a while back.  The latest unit I've been working on are some punk rock orks.  The heads are from Spell crow, legs and torsos are from Kromlech and the arms are standard GW ork boyz arms.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OOP Daemons army for sale

Been a while since I've had time to do much hobby stuff.  I've decided to unload my 40k Chaos Daemons army.  Its an army made up entirely of Tzeench and Slaanesh models.  All are now OOP with the releases coming out next week except for the Masque and Herald of Tzeench.  All the figures are metal as well and in perfect condition with all the bits present.  The daemonettes are the Juan Diaz sculpts which are just beautiful.  They are the reason I kept the army around for so long despite not using it a whole lot and never fully assembling it.  Anyway, its a fun army and will look fantastic once it painted up.

If you want to check it you can find it here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/280933205836?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649#ht_522wt_1396

Hopefully I will have some new stuff soon.  I am getting a 2 week reprieve while my wife and oldest son take a trip to Oregon.  I can't go because I just recently changed jobs and have no vacation time.  So I plan to make the most of it.  I've got a few project in mind.  Great coat orks, more necrons, some new chaos now that allies are back in and a few other odds and end.


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Grot Rebellion advances

I picked up 60 Warhammer fantasy goblins a while back. 1 box of regular goblins and 2 boxes of the OOP night goblins. The new night goblins are terrible in my opinion. I did some initial test models for the grot rebellion army. What do you think? Officer and his two buddies.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Plasma gunner. Made from 2 plasma pistols.

Photobucket Photobucket

Friday, June 8, 2012

Maxmini Plaguebringer

I picked up the Maxmini Plaguebringer when I ordered the Rotten Puppets. He's a great figure! I love all the detail, the pose, very menacing. He would work great as a herald of Nurgle or a Nurgle lord. This pic shows him with the traitor guard and the rotton puppets to give a good scale pic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Maxmini Rotten Puppets

I picked up some Maxmini Rotten puppets to see how the would work as nurglings or lesser daemons. I rally like them, they have a lot of character and a variety of sizes. Here's a couple of pics with traitor guard to get an idea of scale.

Monday, June 4, 2012

New Chaos Renegade Militia troopers

I plan to run these as either veterans or storm troopers. Probably just veterans as their guns don't really look like high power hellguns. The legs, torsos and heads are from Maxmini and the arms are from Forge World.

Links to Bits:
Greatcoat Legs
Combat Armour Torsos 
Neobrit Trenchers heads
Renegade Militia Weapon Arms
Wasteland II Bases

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Necrons on the move

I've been making some headway on the Necrons. I decided to go with the bone color, after base coating and weathering and highlighting them all metallic. Oh dear what a chore. Oh well.



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mock ups of new arms

Here are some guys I threw together with various bits I had laying around. I just wanted to give some idea of the scale and how they looked.







Monday, March 26, 2012

New bits

A friend and I had some arms sculpted by Morbak. I wanted some improvised weapons for my renegades. There are 6 arms total, 3 left and 3 right.




I've got some figures mocked up with the arms I need to get pics of and then get them painted. If you are interested in buy some let me know. I plan to put them on ebay after I get some additional ones cast up. My thoughts on price are $1.20 a pair or 10 pair for $10.

Yet Another Necron Test model

Which necron looks best/least bad? The one with blue below, the metal one, the beige/bone one or something else all together?






Saturday, March 10, 2012

Papa Nurgle has come to town

A box arrived the other day with a very cool figure in it.
The Maxmini Greater Plaguebringer model. This thing is BIG. I think I will be using it as Scabiathraxus, thats how big it is.


I can't wait to get this painted up, its going to be a blast.
Here's a link to it at the store, its got a nice painted picture and includes a normal sized figure to show you scale.

Necrons, conversions and test models

I've been trying to figure out how to paint my Necrons. Initially I decided on a blue/silver theme and painted up a test model.

necron immortal PIP

necron immortal PIP

But I've since decided to go a different way. The blue and silver/metal seem to close together to me, the sort of blend together. So I think I am going to go with green like the regular ones. I know, why boring old green, well, because it seems to look best. I like the way the green and silver contrast. I thought about yellow/orange but they seem too hot to me for the necrons. I've also decided to go with a rusty theme rather than the pristine necrons that I was originally going with.

necron immortal PIP

necron immortal PIP

I also spent some time this evening kit bashing some crypits and a lord. They are made from various bits from the immortal box and the lychguard box.

Lord with warscyth
lord with war scythe

lord with war scythe

Cryptic, harbinger of the storm with voltic staff
harbinger of the storm

harbinger of the storm

harbinger of the storm

Cryptic, harbinger of destruction with solar pulse. The sphere is meant to be some sort of solar pulse item.
harbinger of destruction

harbinger of destruction

And inbetween letting stuff dry and what not I took a crack at the dark eldar. This is my test model. I'm pretty happy with the basic color and armor so I will probably go with this scheme.

dark eldar warrior pip