Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Necron Acanthrites

I really like these models.  Mine are slightly miscast which I didn't notice until I was already half way done painting them.  So I just carried on.  I dont really think they are that good on the table but I love the way they. I like running them with my destroyer lord so that he doesn't get scared and run away like usual.

Necron Acanthrites photo DSCF0735.jpg

Necron Acanthrites photo DSCF0736.jpg

Necron Destroyer Lord

I'm personally not a big fan of the destroyer models, they are old and outdated but I had this guy so I figured I might as well paint him.  I'd rather do a conversion using a wraith or something for the destroyer lord but this will work for now.

Necron Destroyer Lord photo DSCF0732.jpg

Necron Destroyer Lord photo DSCF0734.jpg

Necron Tomb Stalker

Finished the Tomb Stalker.  What a pain this model was to assemble, especially trying to get the legs to look right crawling over some rubble.  The base still needs to be painted but I will probably do that with an airbrush at a later date.

 photo DSCF0729.jpg

Necron Tomb Stalker photo DSCF0730.jpg

Necron Tomb Stalker photo DSCF0731.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Necron Tesseract Ark completed

Finally got this model finished up after a brief distraction called Shadowrun Returns.  Now Space Hulk is out.  I'm trying to resist it so I can keep plugging away at the necrons.

I still need to make a stand for it, just not sure how I'm going to do it yet.

 photo DSCF0726.jpg

Necron Tesseract Ark photo DSCF0727.jpg

Necron Tesseract Ark photo DSCF0728.jpg

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Necron Tomb Stalker assembly in progress

I wanted to do something for the base of the Tomb Stalker but didn't have any old tau or space marine land speeder to use so I just opted for a base where the Tomb Stalker is scurrying over a ruined wall.  A great feature of this base is that I can always claim a cover save!  Just kidding of course.

Necron Tomb Stalker photo 2012-11-07235910.jpg

Necron Tomb Stalker photo 2012-11-07235922.jpg

Necron Tesseract Ark - painting in progress

I've found that its much easier to paint the necrons before they are fully assembled so that's what I'm doing here.  I put as much of it together as I can with respect to which pieces will be which colours.  Then I get them painted and then do final assembly.  Its a good way to keep myself motivated to finish them so I can actually use the models. :)

Necron Tesseract Ark - paint in progress photo DSCF0661.jpg

Necron Cryptek Conversions

Here are two Crypteks I converted up.
The one with the staff with the 3 orbs I generally use as a Harbinger of the Storm and the other as a Harbinger of Destruction.

Necron Cryptics photo DSCF0660.jpg

Necron Cryptics photo DSCF0657.jpg

Necron Cryptics photo DSCF0658.jpg

Necron Overlord and lords

Here is the generic overlord with a warscythe; which needs to be heated and straightened out.  2 lords also with warscythes and orbs.

Necron Overlord and lords photo DSCF0640.jpg

Necron Overlord and lords photo DSCF0641.jpg

Necron Overlord and lords photo DSCF0642.jpg

Necron Overlord photo DSCF0643.jpg

Necron Annihilation Barge

1 of 3.  #2 is halfway done. #3 is still in a sealed box.  It was given to me so I really didn't plan on running 3 of them, seems sort of cheesy since they are so good and so cheap.

Necron Annihilation Barge photo DSCF0632.jpg

Necron Annihilation Barge photo DSCF0631.jpg

Necron Annihilation Barge photo DSCF0630.jpg

Necro Triarch Stalker

Here's the first of 2 Triarch Stalkers.  Second one is about half done.

Necron Triarch Stalker photo DSCF0633.jpg

Necron Triarch Stalker photo DSCF0634.jpg

Necron Triarch Stalker photo DSCF0635.jpg

 photo DSCF0662.jpg

Necron Tomb Blades

Here are the two units of Necron Tomb Blades

Unit 1:

Necron Tombs Blades photo DSCF0636.jpg

Necron Tombs Blades photo DSCF0637.jpg

Unit 2:

Necron Tombs Blades photo DSCF0638.jpg

Necron Tombs Blades photo DSCF0639.jpg

I've been painting Necrons!

I need a change of pace and had decided to build up a small Necron army.  Just something different to paint and use.  Nothing fancy just a quick paint job and a small army.  Well, the army has of course grown out of control and I now have a little over 3000 points with plans to add the new Tesseract Vault and make it a fully fledged apoc army.  Oh well, I am enjoying the painting and love the models.

So far the army consists of:
2 overlords
3 lords
2 crypteks
1 destroyer lord
40 immortals
2 triarch staklers
5 lychguard
10 tomb blades
10 scarabs
3 annihilation barges
1 doom scythe
3 acanthrites (FW)
1 tomb stalker (FW)
1 tesseract ark (FW)

Plan to add:
1 tesseract vault
1 night shroud bomber (FW)
1-2 sentry pylons (FW) depending on cost

I'm probably about half way done with the painting.  I dont plan to paint anything else until the necrons are full painted, so hopefully I stop adding stuff soon...


Necron Immortals photo DSCF0644.jpg

Necron Immortals photo DSCF0645.jpg

Necron Immortals photo DSCF0652.jpg