Tuesday, December 17, 2013

30k MKIII Iron Hands and Legio Cybernetica Thallax

After painting Necrons exclusively for quite a while I decided a need to switch gears.  I had an Iron Hands army sitting on a shelf that I've had for 10-12 years but I really hate painting marines.  All the broad flat areas just make it really boring and tedious to me.  However, the new forge world marines look pretty nice and with all the detail I thought I could probably enjoy painting them.  So I decided to sell my old Iron Hands army and build a new Iron Hands army.  My brother mocked me quite a bit for that. :)  I'm adding a contingent of Legio Cybernetica to the the force as well.  The models are just too nice to pass up and they fit in nicely with the fluff of the Iron Hands as well.

I don't care for painting black so I opted for a blue/grey base color.  I finished the test model for the Marines and got started on the test model for the Legio Cybernetica.

MKIII Iron Hands Marine:

Legio Cybernetica Thallax(PIP):