Friday, May 13, 2016

New Batch of Mutants with Some New Bits

I ordered a couple of boxes of GW Ghouls to add to my small mutant unit.  I had 10 and got 20 more which I finally got time to start on yesterday.  I've found some other bits for these guys by digging through my Necron sprues.  I'm using the spines from the immortals on some of them.  I trim them down and then bend them to fit the curvature of the ghouls hunched body.  I think it looks pretty decent and will look better once I add the additional wires and what not.

 photo 20160513_072423_zpsp2fd4s55.jpg

 photo 2016-05-13 07.24.41_zpsd1gsf62z.jpg

 photo 20160513_072451_zpskabmfsd8.jpg

 photo 20160513_072520_zpsk4xxfxxo.jpg

I'm in need of additional Skitarri heads and Necron spines.  I'd also be interested in rust stalker arms and hands from the two different builds.  If you have any to part with let me know!  I'd gladly buy or trade for them.


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