Tuesday, May 24, 2016

20 more Mechanicum Mutants

I added another 20 mutants to the roster bringing the unit up to 30.  Plus the boss.  So 31 total and I still have the enforcer to build as well.  I'm think I may make the enforcer some sort of servitor to administer the combat drug injections for the unit.

I'm using the Mutant rules from the Heretics and Renegades list.  They are essentially conscripts with 2 close combat weapons.  You can give them combat drugs which give them Rage.  So 4 attacks on the charge, WS2, S3 but only 3 points a piece.  They also get a 6+ save and a 6+ FNP to represent their mechanical nature.  Fully decked out with the Boss with a power axe and Melta Bomb and the enforcer with a power weapon and drug injector is about 140 points.  Not a great unit by any means but I still love the idea of them and finally came up with a conversion that, I think, represents them well on the table top.

The next batch of conversions got a little more work.  I replaced spines with necrons spines, added some different claw hands from the Rust Stalker models and various other bits cut off from all manner of weapons and back packs.  All in all I am very happy with how they turned out and it's really got me reinvigorated about conversions.

Group photo of new batch of mutants:
 photo Mechanicum Mutant Mob 1_zpskybn5xjd.jpg

Here's a bunch of individual pics to show some of the details.  There were chosen at random but give a good idea of the over all look and feel of the unit.

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-17_zpsnljhqbis.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-36_zpsozw6jj1z.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-12_zpsy9shlwce.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-59_zpsnbcvpdko.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-40_zpsvcpez7iu.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-26_zpszqechk3z.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-13_zpsygqf2izv.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-55_zpshetpaox8.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-43_zpshixxmffw.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-25_zpsngdanpla.jpg

 photo Mechanicum Mutant-07_zpskm4lszdw.jpg 

Even the Boss got some nice new combat drug injectors.

 photo Mechanicum Mutant Boss-1_zpskubrki7l.jpg

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