Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forge World Kill Blasta PIP

I've had a kill blasta and kill bursta setting on my shelf for some time now.  With the disappointment of the new guard codex I shifted my energy back to my orks and decided not to paint anything for guard at the moment.  The new codex is fairly bland and seems to have less options than the one it replaced and really there is nothing new so I'll likely not mess with them much for a while longer.

Strangely enough the Orks continue to be fun even after all these years.  So back to the Orks and their monstrous mekinations.

 Here's a pic of it after the initial airbrushing.

Here's how it sits at the moment as I weather it.  I need to still add some rust and paint all those cables. But its getting there...

I've prime the Kill Bursta red and will paint it after this one is complete.  After that I will painting the Stompa in Bad Moon colors like this fellow here.


  1. Looking great, really do like the yellow and blue scheme and the weathering is looking really nice.

  2. Thanks. I've got the hull done and I am working on the engine and guns. Its a pretty fun model to paint and has gone by pretty quick.